Guarding Lives
Optimizing Health

with sensing tech that changes lifes
How it works?
New data horizons
Individuals have never been better informed about potential threats to their health. A quick look at one’s phone can reveal body temperature, heart rate, air quality, and even information about potentially harmful noise and light exposure. However, real-time data of chemical exposures that can substantially affect health & well-being remain painfully opaque due to a stagnation in molecular monitoring technology. DIA aims to expand the Internet of Things to include real-time measurements of endogenous and exogenous chemicals from portable and wearable sensors to better protect individual and public health.
Non-invasive sampling that can be done anywhere
Option for wearable or tabletop technology platform
Real-time data and more frequent testing allows for better adjustment of training protocols and quicker interventions for optimized health
Increased performance and improved health outcomes

How it works

Our patent-pending electrochemical sensors can measure a panel of biomarkers through sweat or saliva and transmit the data securely to A SMART PHONE APP
Our bench-top analyzer requires <1 mL of saliva to provide instantaneous measurements of hormones, electrolytes & inflammatory markers for high-performance operators & athletes.
The user spits into
a daily test strip
Test strip is plugged
into a DIA device
The results are viewable in the DIA app within 5 mins
The headset is made to be worn for short daily sessions of 15 to 30 minutes
It's used in conjunction with a specifically designed activity from our app.
“ My life will never be the same”
Alicia Deckard, Illinois
“ I was surprised to see how easy it was to use this”
Natasha Zimmerman, Tel Aviv
Sloane Tilley
CEO, Co-founder
Sloane is a systems biologist with experience working at tech start-ups
Fernando Webb
CTO, Co-founder
Fernado is a mechatronics engineer with deep working knowledge of IoT, backend development and electronic devices
Julio Fredin
CSO, Co-founder
Julio is a serial entrepreneur and electrochemist with expertise in nanotechnology and carbon electrodes
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